The Tea Party Is Bigoted and Depraved

When accused of bigotry tea partiers tend to point to the nearest token minority and then claim that the charge is manufactured by a liberal-socialist media smear campaign.  Fair enough, as far as that goes.  There are minorities in the Tea Party, although they make up a smaller percentage of tea partiers than they do the general population.  And, as anyone who’s watched Fox News knows, media coverage can be incredibly biased.

So, I thought I’d take a dive into the world of tea partiers and their fellow travelers in Glenn Beck’s 9-12 Project via social media.  I wanted to see what tea partiers said in their own words.  What I was found on the surface was largely a mixture of patriotism, frustration, naïveté, and confusion.  However, I didn’t have to dig too deeply to find an undercurrent of bigotry and violence.  I have collected some of the highlights of that undercurrent below.

Here’s what Jennifer Grey, posting on the American Tea Party Facebook Page, thinks about Jews:

Israel Did 9-11

Jennifer Grey does it again, posting this time on the National Tea Party Facebook Page:

Jews Killed the Lord Jesus

Here’s what Shelly Adams, posting on the 9-12 Project — Ohio Chapter Facebook page, thinks of Jews:

We Zionist Jews will destroy America...

And here’s Anne Miller posting her views on Jews and Obama on the American Tea Party Facebook Page:

Jew World Order

Here’s some Tea Party Patriots discussing torture on their Facebook page:

...testicles to a car battery...

Note that the part that crosses the line is the slurs, not the torture.

Speaking of ragheads, here’s Kelly Scherer’s view on them posted on the 9-12 Project’s Facebook Page, along with some supportive comments:

Gitmo Is Closing

Here’s Glen Spicer advocating violence and mocking Islam on Twitter:

...cut off the hands of those who voted for Obama?

Here’s what a Tea Party Patriot wrote on the group’s blog about Muslims:

The closest parallel to Islam is the Klu Klux Klan

Here’s the infamous Mark Williams writing on Islam while he was still an active leader in the Tea Party Express:

“Allah” is the result of a psychotic break suffered in the desert t by a violent pedophile named Mohammad

Here’s TeaPartyLeader tweeting on lying Muslims and Obama:

...Obama is Muslim, he lies about everything...

Here’s Art Roth, getting four likes, for advocating killing Muslims on the Armed Forces Tea Party page:

Want some help with that?!

Sonny Thomas offers a similar solution to dealing with illegal immigrants:

Wheres my gun!?

Shelly Adams offers an even more extreme solution to illegal immigration:

Nuke Mexico!

Meanwhile, back on the Armed Forces Tea Party page, Diane Adams uses humor to demean welfare recipients and immigrants, with some supportive comments:

...mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can't speak English, and have no frigging clue who their Daddies are.

Judson Phillips, on the Tea Party Nation blog, calls on people to vilify immigrants on the group’s forum:

Horrors of Illegal Immigration

Here are some Tea Party Patriots discussing disease-spreading illegal immigrants on their Facebook page:

There is no question many diseases are being brought into the US

To complement the desire among some tea partiers to use violence against Muslims and immigrants, some also threaten less specific violence.

Here’s Diane Adams again, getting eight likes, for posting a photo of a billboard advocating violent revolution on the Armed Forces Tea Party page:

Prepare for war

And an official profile picture from the Armed Forces Tea Party reiterates Diane’s message:

We will not be silenced.

Hatred against Jews, Muslims, immigrants, Obama, welfare recipients, and the democratic process, surely that must be everything. Scott Wheatley throws in a little bit of sexism by showing his views on Hillary Clinton and women in general with this post on the True Patriots Network Facebook Page:


And to top it all off we have Glenn Beck himself showing his support for white supremacy on Twitter (via Stop Glenn Beck):


There you have it tea partiers and their ilk in their own words.

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4 responses to “The Tea Party Is Bigoted and Depraved

  1. Everyone in the US should read this. Period.

  2. I was wondering if there is even one group that doesn’t have a few lose screws ? Maybe you can find one and post it here. There maybe people in the Tea Party who feel this way, but I’m not one. I see a lot of people stepping on the Constitution as they wave the flag. Is our government too big, O yes. Does our government spend too much of OUR money, O yes. Does OUR government ignore what needs to be done, O yes. One would be a fool to blame only this one or the last one, can’t we just blame ALL of them ? Remember 1 President, 435(?) congress members of lower house, 100 senators in upper house, 9 on the supreme court justice’s. At the end of the day, I see greed as the final truth in all these matters.

    • Greed is a major factor in the evils of our society. There are plenty of greedy folks involved in our government currently. Of course, greed is one of the primary motives of the tea party “movement.” Why help the poor and needy when you can cut taxes, drive up the public debt, and crash the economy further by slashing the money injected into the economy through life saving programs like unemployment insurance? Even without the wingnuts the ideas of the tea party are pretty depraved.

  3. Merinas van der Lubbe

    Some of those posters – Shelly Adams in particular – are highly suspicious. They look like “false flag” or “agent provocateur” plants.

    Not to say that there aren’t plenty of right-wing-extremists like ME on there, but I don’t want some leftist whackjob idiot muddying the water with fake canned cookie-cutter antisemitic garbage or whatever… I can generate my own REAL antisemitic garbage if I feel like it. (If it makes a liberal pee in its French lace panties, I’ll say it, whether I’m serious about it or not.)

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